Excellent points, Ian, and very well written.
Tristan Flannery

Thanks Tristan! I have gotten a ton of feedback about ego + money and comparisons to Wall Street back before the market collapse. Lack of trust of outsiders. Lack of adaptability. Groupthink. I think lack of ethical leadership is at the core of those things.

When you have a saying like “growth at all costs” how can you possible have a set of values that follows after?

Again, I have no idea what happened behind the scenes but it seems like the mentorship was inadequate or the leaders didn't listen.

Steve Blank said at VETCON that your investors business model becomes YOUR business model. And Uber definitely has their investors business model.

As for being promoted too fast, I understand both sides. Many great entrepreneurs built and scaled their companies (Fred Smith still runs FedEx!). Other great companies failed when a new CEO took over after the founder was disposed. Who knows. (Side note: I think the military has a huge problem with the stagnation of promotions.)

I think at the end there are startups out there that are building amazing technologies and need to know that the most important thing is building it ethically.

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