A Winter Intern Explains His Experience

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When I was in middle school, I performed in my first talent show and sang “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. Everyone in the school was so surprised that I could sing. My first year of high school I joined an a capella group and was the first freshman ever to get a solo in “Stand By Me.” My performance went on to win us first place in an intra-school competition and give me the first experience of success in music.

Music brings people together, even in hard times. I would love to work in the music industry, hopefully as a singer, but if not, I would like to manage artists, produce music, or work in a recording studio. With these goals in mind, I started to intern for eMusic the beginning of the month of January 2019. I wanted to see the behind-the-scenes of talking to artists, marketing, and how downloading music works in the artist relations department of eMusic. …

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