Last summer I took a week long trip to Ecuador and ever since returning I’ve wanted to write about it. Finally, over a year and a half later, I’ve found myself in a Brooklyn coffee shop on an ambitious Sunday morning with my laptop open. It’s not that I’ve suddenly found myself with an abundance of free time, if anything I’m busier now than ever, but I’m sensing a new adventure coming soon and I don’t want to start that without feeling like I’ve left my last one unfinished.

At this point, I’d been out of college and working for…

By Ian Forsyth on January 9, 2013

I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY and I have the utmost pride in that city. I’m a hopeless Bills and Sabres fan, I’ve driven in the lake effect snow, and I’ve eaten wings at the Anchor Bar and Duff’s. But the majority of the last few years of my life have been spent at Yale in New Haven, Connecticut. That means the majority of my riding has taken place in New Haven too and because I didn’t grow up cycling, these Connecticut roads are really where I feel most at home.

By Ian Forsyth on December 8, 2013

Fenders are an essential part of winter and wet-weather riding. Not only are they a common courtesy on group rides (no one likes eating wheel spray all morning) but they function to keep your bike and back-side clean. That said, I have yet to find a set of fenders that fit my bike well, function properly, and can be put on or pulled off when needed. I don’t want to be riding around with fenders on a sunny day, it just feels wrong. …

It’s a terrible feeling when you’re working on a project and it should be simple, but because you can’t seem to find the right tools, it becomes frustrating. Recently, I’ve had to design a few documents, including invoices for my freelance business and an updated resume. Logically I should jump into Adobe Illustrator, but I’ve tried to avoid Illustrator lately. I think it’s bloated and hard to navigate. Instead, I use Bohemian Coding’s Sketch for all my layouts and graphic work and I’m really comfortable with it. Problem is, Sketch doesn’t have inch measurements, only pixels, so creating a well-formatted…

Ian Forsyth

Engineer, athlete, life enthusiast.

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