Graff Punks Game Studios in collaboration with Galactic123 presents:

“Spaced Out” Da’ Graff Punks crash the timeline.

Ok Graffiti Kings NiFTy heads, Graff Punks, Sublimers, and all-around WAX aficionados … THIS IS A JOURNEY… into NFT’s, Token mining, Space battles and more!…Fresh off one jousting of a time travel adventure in to the dark ages in Graff Punks MidEvil: Hero Arena (Article HERE) , wrought with dragons, duels, and yack horn ales and on to the next, our Graff Punks flux capacitors have gone haywire! So, grab some coffee, twist up some inspiration, and brace yourself because this one's a doozy of a ride…HERE WE GO!

Crash Course

Stunned…... and disoriented from battle and conquer you wake up in a mysterious place… new sights and smells surround you .. is that … that a giant ogre?… no .. what is that .. what is that sound… BBUBOOM!!!! WHOOOSH!!! A large, technicolor and very tripped out unidentifiable flying object rushes past you … “🐗 Ermwhale... I dont think were in Camelot anymore”

…. Suddenly reality hits you .. one second you were battling Dragons and slashing your enemies torsos and now…?! … You are surrounded by bright colors and tall buildings, break beats and loud pulsing bass… and odd new homies all around that are … “really dripped bruh”…Did I just say “dripped, and bruh” ? ..Man, we really did crash the timeline here… but, where are we ?

City Slickin

Confusion and excitement fills your gauntlet…. “do I even need a gauntlet in the future?”……

I am Confusion…. meow…

Looking around it would seem one has traded their knighthood for a night in the hood…. Cool, fam… let’s get weird!… So… just where are we… and WHEN?!

We create. We collaborate. We Inspire.

“No” you exclaim!…This must be some sort of magic, some sort of spell cast by a crypto cleric and merely a conjuring of spirits in the mind… surely there aren’t REAL flying saucers!? and ..that IS NOT an alien… no!.. there are no such things as “Graff Punks” ! I’m simply under the influence of milk of the poppy… “Yes!.. certainly … that must be it !” you dust off and shake your head… to find….. yo … whose this dude? .. Ok .. what’s really going on ?

Do ya feel lucky, Punk?

Ok, so lets talk about that.. WHERE are we? …

You down w GKC yeah 123!

“Meet me in the club …. its goin down” fades off into the distance… not quite sure what to do you decide to start exploring around this new world… there are tall new looking castles with bright colorful art on the walls, people and punks surround you as you move around the city. Brand new sights…Brand new Squad… Brand new smells…Brand new you!… looking up at your Dragon…and…its now a Low Altitude Drone…we definitely left the arena mate! Welcome to planet GK Clubhouse…

Graffiti saved me ….
Where tf are we Merlin?

Ok galactic gangsters… lets get after it! …so, gameplay: There are three types of gamification to Galactic123 and each has its own set of game assets and uses. I like to describe the overall experience as retroactive gaming, futuristic utility… because of this the game is ripe for collaboration and innovation .. guess who f#@!$ with those heavy…Graffiti Kings all day… LFGK…

There is a really great overview of gameplay on Galactic123’s site here but in short there is space exploration with a customizable fleet of ships, WAX & TRON based token and WAX NFT mining, and lastly 3D ground battles (both pvp and teams battles exist) that help build up your character stats and level up your squadron.

The world is my sprayground

Ok.. Punks! Moongirls! Bitcoin Kid’s and Battle boars…Let’s discuss interplanetary travel first, where in , you are sure to encounter space pirates, low altitude drago… drones, and friggin transport frigates….

Space Pirate Ambush!
Dang ‘ol Dutchee

When navigating from planet to planet in GC123, the game utilizes a warp system with an allowance of three top traveled planets to be selected at warp screen and these can be changed at an Hashtronauts leisure… In our case this feature allows us to swiftly shift from GK Clubhouse to Planet SSN as example to utilize dual mining of both our native gaming token (LFGK) and Sublime Sounds NFT’s music utility token (SSN).

We be Clubbin

So, another unique feature within the actual game play of GC123 is the ability to form a team and work collectively towards leaderboard achievement as well as use it as a place to centralize and engage with fans, collectors, or just likeminded homies that are also cool stuff that you all want to share. Think of it as an added layer of exclusivity if you want it to be, or use it to your advantage and team up with some of the largest Whales and HODL’rs of the collection and learn about drops and future work before the rest of the terrans. Tied in with the teams function is the ability to mark your three most visited planets for mining and NFTS.. (I’m partial to GK (03,06), SSN ( 12,01) , and Muenstervision (24,01)… shocker, I’m sure!

Major Miner

Ok GK bitcoin kids, midevil punks, moongirls, and stoned boys…Once you have your bearings and your coordinates about you it’s really time to dig in! There are NFTS and coins to be had and the power is in your punky little hands! When you land on a planet you can “dig for rewards” and depending on what planet you land on and what NFT’s you have in your wallet will determine what all rewards are to be found. There is a great overview of this and what all you need in order to bolster your mining ability in general up above, specific GC123 NFT’s along with certain assets from GK and Sublime Sounds. For now, we’ll focus on LFGK and SSN because .. “Thats where we like to party, breh”.

Triple Threat

You can collect certain project NFT’s to get you a + mining benefit that the art card brings simply by holding the asset in your wallet. As of now there is one for each of our collections that will grant you this ours is: This punky thing here! and can only be won by playing Graff Punks MidEvil. And this piece of purple rain looks to only be available on the secondary market from SSN’s collection… Both of these will yield a dual mining benefit for holding on either planet (GK 03, 06) (SSN 12,01) and awards are compiled and manually pushed to the wallet you bitcoin kids signed up for once you hit a threshold determined by GC123 however a project is underway to allow for automated cash outs (more on this in GC123 chat).

Purple Rain

Ok, so lets land this starship for now.. that was a lot of information and my “special green herb” could use some addressing, ahem…. lets recap for those of you who read the last chapter of a novel first… no?.. Just me ? Anyhoo…So,…we were slaying our foes in the MidEvil Hero Arena and out of no where a lightning bolt destined by Zeus himself slapped you silly and you ended up in the future where we currently find our hapless narrator, just as confused as you are!…battle born, and ready to pick axe, lazer drill, or guitar riff our way to financial freedom one dig at a time?! Reminder:

To the moon, gilr!

Graffk1ngsuk NFTs will add a playable Graffiti Punk male character in 3D mode, and add +10 ATK (ground) / HP (ground) / Bonus score.

Single, and ready to Slaughter

MidEvil punks NFTs will add a playable Graffiti Punk female character in 3D mode, and add +10 ATK / HP / Bonus score.

Protect ya neck, Kid!

dabitcoinkid NFTs will add a playable Graffiti Punk male (different) character in 3D mode, and add +10 ATK / HP / Bonus score.

Alright you degens, this concludes our journey on the Graff Punks party barge.. please leave you antigravity suits at the door, and remember to tip your favorite cyborg all your bitcoins… I’ll keep em safe,….. I swear!

*As always keep in mind with gaming, crypto, and token backed assets, all things can shift, change, and get updated in a moments notice, so DYOR and LFGK!



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