I Think Steven Avery Probably Did It. Here’s Why That Does And Doesn’t Matter.
Sara Benincasa

I get this line of thinking. But parsing though this particular opinion I see an utter absence of compassion, understanding of “slow learning” people and also the absence of a logical utterance based on the reported information that shows this opinion was generated by paying attention to those facts. This response is one which, if expressed by a fellow juror, would result in a very lengthy processand a hung jury, if not mistrial, and totally due to its venality. Sara doesn’t seem to understand that Steven has an IQ of 70, is totally a people pleaser (who might throw a cat on a fire, possibly because he was egged into doing it). He has been thoroughly honest in all his exchanges with the law. He has taken his punishment unquestioningly and unflinchingly. He has exemplified his core belief that lying is wrong. He was unable to confess to a crime he didn’t commit even if it would allow him to get out of jail (which speaks to the whole structure of the penal/ legal system of that state, not to mention the value of the opinion of this poster, Sara — who insists on calling herself a clown and showing off her tits. As if that is attractive). Maybe this post is just an outreach to gain some notoriety for a would-be entertainer who doesn’t have a lot going for herself in her chosen profession. Sad, really. But also a sign of the decline of public education and the general venality of the US culture in its current state. Go Trump, right? Sheesh!

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