Portfolio Research — Sean Halpin

As i was researching for examples of one page portfolios, I came across Sean Halpin’s. When i saw the top of the page, I immediately got a sense of his personality. It looked simple and very intriguing at the same time with all the cartoon pictures. It wasn’t like any other website, where you’d see more words than pictures. In fact, it was the complete opposite. Looking at his portfolio got me to realize that creating an attractive design is really important if you want to give a good impression of yourself.

As i scrolled though the page, I noticed how he added some animations to his portfolio. For example, if you scroll down you can see that the navigation bar slides up and disappears. I assume that he did this so that the user can see more of his website. But when you scroll up the navigation bar reappears on the top of the screen. He probably added that feature because he knows that the user wants to go back up and navigate around his website.

In addition to his navigation bar, he had some pictures transition to other pictures. Although it didn’t use any event listeners, it was still a good way to show what skills he had. For example, a picture of a pencil changed into a picture of Photoshop, which displayed his artistic abilities.

Website link: http://seanhalpin.io/

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