Portfolio Research — Ueno & Michael Acevedo

Upon doing more research on one page portfolios, I happen to come across two others. One of them being Ueno’s and the other being Michael Acevedo’s.


Ueno’s portfolio was similar to the first one I previously blogged about. Similarly, it had more pictures than words and they used a lot of colors that blended well together. It was eye catching and they included a lot of user interactions. Such as when you hover over their pictures, it’ll zoom in and get smaller so that it shows focus on that part of the page. Also, when you over over the title, it’ll show and underline sliding under the words.

Michael Acevedo

Acevedo’s portfolio was very different from the rest. I saw that he didn’t use cartoons for his whole page. I think that this gives it a more realistic feel compared to the others. When you scroll down you’ll automatically see his about me, which I feel is really smart because he highlights his experiences and skills. On the bottom of the page she showcases and adds links for the websites he created.

When you scroll down the navigation bar becomes non-transparent and when you hover over buttons and pictures of his work, it changes color.

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