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In the beginning I thought that we were going to make desktop applications using coding languages such as C, C#, or C++. But then were started making web applications instead, which I did not mind. We ended up learning how webpages were made and what languages a webpage uses (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). In addition to learning code, we learned the processes of building a web project and what it’s like to communicate with a team in and out of class.

I feel that being a junior developer will be really helpful in the future. Since I’m starting to learn how to code at an early age, I’ll have an advantage when I start working. I’m looking forward to continue as a junior developer by taking the next year’s class.

I feel like coding is an awesome thing and is very stratifying to do. Developers help solve problems and make things easier in the real world. As a developer, you can basically do and make anything you want. I like how coding revolves around your creativity and how you find a solution to a problem. These are the two things that I’m good at which is probably why I really like programming.

I will most definitely code even when I finish taking coding classes. I really want to be a game developer in the future because I get to build my own games. But if I don’t get to be a game developer, then I’ll look into software programming, where I hope to make desktop applications/software.

My advice to them would be to think creatively. In coding, there is always more than one way to solve a problem. Also, I think that if they they ever have a hard time, just know that there is really helpful source that they can use called Google. It doesn't hurt to research and ask for help. I was told that even the best developers still have to research. Some people learn faster than others which is a normal thing, so don’t feel discouraged if you are having trouble. If you happen to be those who can learn fast, please share and help other people. But most importantly have fun!