Aphelion DEX Coming with New Features

With the Aphelion DEX and ICO Hub getting activated in the next few days we wanted to share some exciting new features that will be included in the new release. First of all, there are several back-end in features in the contract and wallet code that greatly impacts the performance overall. Features related to mempool and UTXOs and GAS optimization just to name a few. We are also working at an instant matching engine that will improve performance dramatically, but that will likely come following the initial release.

Aphelion Commit Auto Compound

In addition to all the back end performance updates making the DEX better, faster and stronger, we will be integrating and Aphelion Auto-Compound functionality. The unique commit functionality that truly sets the DEX apart will finally be intermittently auto-compounding.

Users that want to compound committed APH more frequently will still be able to do so, but now for those users that forget or don't want to worry about having to compound, the Aphelion DEX will be compounding on their behalf. We are still working on the frequencies, and they may change over time depending on volume and commits, etc but we have built the functionality into the new contract we’ll be releasing very soon.

Nothing else changes relative to commit, the UI and functionality all remain the same.

*PLEASE NOTE** User with committed APH in the current contract need to claim those APH back to your wallets. You won't lose them if you don’t but if you update the wallet when the new release comes out you’ll have to revert back to the older version in order to see and claim those committed APH. So we are recommended users do that now with the DEX re-release being imminent.

Aphelion Integrating a Stable Coin as Base Pair

We are still evaluating the relative smart contracts to determine the feasibility but right now it's looking like it will happen right upon release. We’ve heard the demand for a stable base coin and are working hard to make that a reality as soon as possible. We’ll likely eliminate APH as a base and replace it with the new stable coin along with NEO and GAS.

Just a few big additions we wanted to share with you as we put the finishing touches on the Aphelion DEX.

Have a great weekend!