Aphelion Mainnet DEX Launching Wednesday, Oct 10th 10:00 PST

We are pleased to announce Aphelion will be moving our contract to mainnet this Wednesday, October 10th and the much anticipated Aphelion Wallet based decentralized exchange (DEX) will be open for business.

We have been working hard to build the safest, fastest and least expensive trading experience available and can’t wait to share it with the community and finally bring truly decentralized wallet based peer-to-peer trading to users worldwide — we’re only 5 short days away.

Important items to note:

  1. Aphelion DEX will only be available on the desktop applications initially (mobile/web coming soon)
  2. We’ll be launching with 12 trading pairs
  3. Buying APH NEVER requires a fee
  4. Market making trades and post only orders are always FREE
  5. A small amount of APH is required for taker order matches
  6. Higher volume trading is distinctly discounted
  7. 80% of collected Aphelion DEX fees are redistributed back to the community
  8. Commit, Compound & Claim functions will be live so APH holders can commit and share in collected fees

Helpful Links:

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Aphelion Wallet/DEX Downloads:

Desktop (windows, mac, linux)



Mobile Web

Social Links: