Aphelion Quick Weekend Update

A quick weekend update to point out a few things. First, our volume is slowly starting to climb (crossed $13k last we checked, up from $5k the previous day). It may not seem like it but we’ve actually grown in volume a bit faster than we did when we initially activated, so that is promising. We expected a slow and steady growth and that is exactly what is happening.

KYC submissions and approvals continue to pour in as users realize Aphelion DEX is literally the least expensive trading options anywhere. Not to mention users gain rewards for committed APH. On that note, Aphelion has nearly surpassed total collected APH in the first few days than it did in the entire time the DEX was live before. With the new fee structure users are already collected more APH than they ever did previously and that's still with the little volume we have.

CoinGecko, Blockfolio, Coinmarketcap

We intended on growing slowly after a working contract and now we are putting things in motion to continue to grow volume. This includes integrating with partners like CoinGecko, where the DEX is already listed. We’ve also been approved by Blockfolio and exchange the DEX data to be integrated there in the coming days. And we are still pushing for Coinmarketcap and expect that to be done later this month.

API Priority

The API is also a top priority. It’s done and we are in the process of creating the documentation and expect to release that in the coming days so be on the lookout for that.

The good news is the DEX is back, its working and the fee structure and commit functions are really promising as we continue to scale up and drive volume.

Thank you to all Aphelion supporters.

Have a great weekend!

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