Aphelion Relaunching DEX Next Week & Adding ICO Hub Functionality

Not only are we relaunching the only fully compliant DEX this year as the least expensive trading option available and the only solution available across iOS, Android, web and desktop, we are adding a game-changing function: Aphelion ICO Hub. Because running an ICO requires integrated KYC and on chain token distributions, those functions take time and money, Aphelion DEX solves for both of those right out of the box.

Beginning in January 2019, Aphelion will host the worlds first DEX based ICO with many more to come. Say goodbye to wonky KYC processes, token burns, odd distributions and problem-riddled ICOs and ridiculous listing fees. The Aphelion DEX ICO Hub allows ICOs to simply mint their tokens and list them in phases directly on the DEX without having to build and pay for their own KYC or token distribution models.

BONUS: No more ridiculous listing fees, ever!

Aphelion ICO Hub

Aphelion DEX technology is aiming to change the game in helping ICOs function better, easier, less expensively and in full compliance. The Aphelion decentralized exchange is the perfect tech solution for allowing ICOs to go-to-market in a totally p2p and trustless and cost-free way.

How will it work?

Because Aphelion DEX users will be cleared as non-US and because the exchange already has the technology to distribute tokens as soon as they are minted ICOs can simply mint their coins and develop a distribution model instantly without having to worry or pay for KYC or troublesome distribution models.

Step 1: ICOs Mint tokens

Step 2: Projects set distribution models (weekly token allotments, etc)

Step 3: Cleared Aphelion users purchase tokens directly from the DEX

**Please Note: Aphelion Wallet functionality will still be available for US participants, but trading will be disabled**

Why this changes everything

In the past, every ICO is different and poses a unique set of challenges with regard to KYC and token distributions and the unknowns related to participants and follow up token burns or airdrops. This is not ideal and in many cases these challenges negatively impact the overall performance of the ICO and in many cases kills the project entirely. 90% of ICOs never get their project to market and the users and participants lose their contributions. By streamlining the process and letting the marketplace decide the price without the additional layers of requirements, the Aphelion ICO Hub will make participation easier, pain-free and less expensive for the projects and in turn giving a better chance to participants in seeing their contributions come to fruition.

When is the Aphelion ICO Hub coming?

We have already updated our contract to support the functionality and are currently testing it on private net: we will be holding the worlds first exchange based ICO in January and already working to incorporate cross chain functionality as we build that for the DEX.