Aphelion Releases Most Robust Wallet Update Yet

Mainnet DEX Coming in August

Today we have released Aphelion Desktop Wallet version 2.2.5 and it is our biggest Aphelion update yet. The latest version includes several test DEX UI changes, functionality additions, providing MCT transfer support (CTX testnet), NEO network fee options and several bug fixes.

We believe the new wallet is a game-changer for NEO wallets and we encourage everyone to give a ride and share your experience. We’ll discuss a few of the updates in this article and list the release notes at the bottom.

The wallet features a convenient Windows installer and now supports 7 total languages (5 more than any other existing NEO wallet).

Language Options Shown Below:

We’ve also released the Commit/Compound/Claim APH functionality that makes our DEX unique and pays users for trading and holding APH.

Shown Below:

Commit APH Page
Commit Details
Claim APH Details
  • When claiming committed APH (testnet only), the APH will be depositing into the DEX contract and will need to be withdrawn from there to display on the assets or dashboard.
  • Compound button allows the commitment to commit any APH that has been accumulated since the initial commit.

Also, in response to recent malicious attacks on the NEO network (and at the request of NEO) we’ve introduced a transaction fee option in the settings page that allows users to choose to pay a NEO network fee in order to prioritize their transactions. Transactions with attached fees are prioritized and do not go into any memepool backlog when the network is bogged down.

Network Fee Option Shown Below:

Network Fee Option

In order to maximize real estate in the DEX, we’ve introduced a collapsible side bar.

Shown Below:

Collapsible Sidebar Menu

Full Release Notes Below:

  • There are a lot of misc fixes, so this list will not be exhaustive
  • Additional language support (Chinese, Dutch, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian)
  • Addition of a Windows Installer
  • Add a setting to support attaching a GAS network fee to every transaction (in case of network congestion)
  • Optimize DB (wallet performance improvement)
  • Persist Day/Night Mode selection and default to Night Mode
  • Display balance locked in DEX Contract Open Orders
  • Improved Market Selector (tab per base asset)
  • Sending GAS or NEO maintains state upon navigating from/to Dashboard
  • Support filtering orders list by the current market
  • Fix displaying error messages on order failures
  • Show price values converted to money for last price and trade estimate
  • Implement Collapsable Left Navigation Menu on the DEX
  • Fix mousing over price charts on the Dashboard
  • Support MCT transfers (CTX on TestNet)
  • Fix erroneous error messages during deposit and withdraw
  • Fix night mode order book styles
  • Account for asset decimals on DEX orders
  • Support pressing <enter> to submit on forms throughout the Wallet
  • Add Support for Commit APH and Claim DEX Fees
  • Improve style of the price chart

Download Aphelion Wallet Here:

Download Aphelion Android Wallet Here:

Mainnet DEX and iOS Coming Soon!

Thank you to all Aphelion supporters, contributors & advisers.


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