Aphelion Temporarily Disables DEX & NEO/GAS Withdraws

In a standard recent security audit, we have discovered a discrepancy in NEO explorer and Aphelion DEX NEO contract balances (starting Feb 6th). Upon further investigation, we have discovered a vulnerability that allows UTXO funds to be withdrawn, affecting NEO and GAS held by the DEX contract. Whether or not the vulnerability is impactful or related to the balance discrepancy is yet to be seen.

As a result, we have immediately begun to disable all markets to ensure funds are not lost and will also be de-whitelisting approved KYC users so no new funds can be deposited.

The good news is any impact is minimal and will work to complete the audit, restore any lost funds and re-release the contract with the fix that we’ve already completed.

In the meantime, we recommend any open orders are canceled, no new deposits are made into the DEX, but unfortunately withdraws of NEO and GAS are frozen until the audit is complete.

The Aphelion Wallet itself (non DEX functionality) is not impacted whatsoever by this action and funds/transactions made by the wallet are safe.

Stay tuned for further updates and thank you for your patience.