Aphelion Update February 10th, 2019

As an update to our announcement pausing the DEX, we have verified the vulnerability we identified relative to UTXO assets NEO & GAS. The bug has been fixed and we are in the process of deploying the fixed contract to testnet for further testing.

We expect the testing to complete, the new contract to be deployed and the new DEX to be available all inside of 1 week. When this happens all users with NEO and GAS on the old contract will be able to access those assets on the new release. We regret the action, but stand by the decision to prevent any theft while we assess the situation and audit any potential impact. We can assure the community that any users with locked NEO and GAS will be able to access those funds immediately when the DEX is restored.

Aphelion wallets across all channels are still functional and safe while the DEX is down for this maintenance.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Thank you for your continued patience while we continue to work through these challenges.