Aphelion Weekly Update April 18, 2019

We typically release updates on major milestones and have been quiet the past few weeks, but we understand an update is overdue. First of all, Aphelion is not going anywhere…we will continue to support our multiple channels of DEX trading, APH commit returns and KYC approvals.

With that being said, as stated in our previous updates, the next phase of Aphelion is to integrate:

  • Multichain wallet support for BTC and others (announcements to come)
  • Instant matching engine for the DEX
  • New look and feel for the wallet UI

As those initiatives come further along, we are committed to sharing the progress as we’ve done in the past. We understand the community is eager to see progress and we will do our best to share those updates as they come.

In the meantime, we encourage the community’s patience and we can ensure the Aphelion DEX/Wallet won’t be going anywhere, we are here to stay.

Thank you for your continued support.