Aphelion Weekly Update June 14th, 2019

Aphelion DEX
Jun 14 · 2 min read

Let’s start with the facts: 1) Yes, development had paused as per my announcement 2 weeks ago; 2) We are indeed evaluating multiple funding options of which some have already been secured; 3) We are not closed, never have been and have no plans to close any time soon. Our groundbreaking wallet based DEX is still open across all 6 channels (mac and win desktop, ios, android, mobile web, web). And we are still the least expensive trading option for NEO based assets running on a unique model redistributing fees back to the community and the only NEO based exchange available across all channels. Crossing into BTC and ERC20, is still and will always be our primary mission and vision.

With all that being said, these last 2 weeks have been very very interesting.

Not only did we test the resilience of our incredible community and network, but we also found several paths forward of which some have already materialized. In addition to that positive action, I was personally slandered with fake news from an anonymous source. Luckily we caught it early and the story was taken down for several policy violations,. It's nothing new in this industry and something I have learned to accept, unfortunately. But we are better than that and we will rise above as we always have and continue to focus on building amazing things.

Enough of that let’s move on to where we are today.

With the recent developments regarding funding, we are currently re-evaluating the next scoped tasks and releases, as well as, looking at additional listing options that will bring us back into the mainstream and bring volume back to trading until we can achieve additional milestones. We are as excited as ever about what comes next for Aphelion and can’t wait to reveal the next phases of the project. We know it won’t be easy and we welcome that challenge, its who we are as a team, community, and project.

Our next announcement will have more in-depth details on both those matters. Until then I appreciate all the support. Remember, do your own research, don’t believe fake news from anonymous or agenda-laden trolls swimming in the murky waters of crypto.

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Have a great weekend all!


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