Subscription Psycho : Analysis Of The Subscription Economy & Its Bad Actors

I always bought Adobe Acrobat for pdf file making. It was horrendously expensive for those living outside the USA and the purchase process complicated because of their complex regional differential approach. It was good software and either buying a CD version or full download meant I could use it for as long as my laptops survived. But when I bought my last laptop I found I could only get the subscription version. For someone who makes maybe 5-10 pdf files a month, the subscription option is very expensive working out at around $2–4 just to format a single file. As a result I chose an alternative pdf making software package which I could download and own. It’s not quite as good as Adobe Acrobat in one or two respects but it still does the job and was substantially cheaper. The problem with these subscription models is that they are designed for those who use the software a lot, not for small business owners such as myself who only need to use it every now and then. I have really good photo software from another source and can do all that Photoshop does at a fraction of the cost. Adobe have lost us forever as customers. But it probably doesn’t worry them as they have enough captive customers who will continue to pay, even if it is through the nose.

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