I Told The New York Times: “It’s time for a whole new approach to climate journalism!”
Alex Steffen

Interesting proposal Alex.

I want to go deeper on your first point on narrowing the readership and going deeper on the subject matter, because this type of journalism had a profound affect on me:

This deeper coverage allowed me to activate myself and not just contemplate and worry about climate change – but actually motivated me to make climate a guiding principal that will inform the next steps of my career.

Regarding this narrower readership: what I believe needs to happen is cloning the affect it had on me: pushing these already-informed readers over the edge to say: “ok, what can I do to actively participate?,” and the coverage needs to contain concise and clear pathways for them to get involved, whether it be career changes, lifestyle changes, educating others, etc.

It needs to activate the worry-ers into do-ers.

I worry that trying to broaden the audience in this toxic news environment (where the Times are seen by many as some sort of ‘globalist’ conspiratory propaganda) will just rile up dissenting voices more and make mending the gap much harder.

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