Weds 7th Nov

Well, that’s pretty much it then — today we presented to the board at the Shopping Recife mall, it was here that things really started ~3 weeks ago and today we wrapped up our work with the Instituto save for a bit of polishing and translation that Amanda will do in the coming days. The pitch was well received and again it proved to us that we’d hit the mark in terms of our project def and the deliverables. The only thing left to do now is the final Big Group presentation on Friday morning, we have an allocation of 15 mins and that will be over in a flash so we’re on the wind down! Nadja and I celebrated (quietly) in the hotel bar, some of our colleagues are still working and still have their main presentations to do so we graciously accepted their kind words about our own project conclusion and then snuck off to the bar… We HAD offered to help and Nadja did spend an hour working on some spreadsheet stuff for one of the other teams.

Big news today, btw, it RAINED here…! It’s still 30c though, just now it’s with 100% humidity which made things pretty uncomfortable for a while, mainly as we walked back to the ISR from the mall because it was pi**ing down. Amusing times back at base though, one of the lovely ladies had a birthday yesterday so we had a little surprise party with candles and cake and much hugging — I’m really going to miss this very friendly and genuinely caring bunch, it’s been a real pleasure to work with them over the last few weeks.

Tomorrow will be a quiet day for me, I’m intending to get over to one of the markets for a bit of tourist activity, then we’ll meet as a team later in the day to work out the Friday pitch, should be all dusted within an hour I would think.

3 nights left…

Nadja presents, Baska looks on
Audience from the Shopping Recife Mall, ISR and Pyxera for our final pitch
some of the crazy girls from the ISR!