Get Started with Rust, WebAssembly, and Webpack

  • webpack 3.0.0
  • cargo 0.19.0
  • emcc 1.37.13

What you will need

Install the Emscripten Rust compiler

 rustup target add wasm32-unknown-emscripten
brew install cmake                  # MacOS, brew
sudo port install cmake # MacOS, MacPorts
sudo apt-get install cmake # Debian Linux
 cd ~
tar -xvf emsdk-portable.tar.gz
cd emsdk-portable
./emsdk update
./emsdk install sdk-incoming-64bit

Compile and load Rust with Webpack

cargo new tutorial --bin --vcs none
cd tutorial
npm init # You can just hit enter for every option
npm install --save-dev webpack http-server rust-wasm-loader
npm run compile
npm run serve
It’s happening!


 by the author.




programmer || ❤️ the open web, functional programming, & game dev ❤️

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Ian J Sikes

Ian J Sikes

programmer || ❤️ the open web, functional programming, & game dev ❤️

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