Actually, Bill Maher, Hillary Clinton Was The GREATER Evil
Caitlin Johnstone

You proved the risk of electing Hillary Clinton — but you promised me that you’d show she was a GREATER evil than Trump. That would require a comparison, which might include some of the following details on Trump:

  • Signing off on a $100 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia while supporting a blockade on Qatar, further destabilizing the Middle East;
  • Threatening to roll back the nuclear deal with Iran — a deal which is working, and which makes it harder for Iran to develop nuclear weapons;
  • Bombing Syria after campaigning on “bombing the shit out of ISIS”;
  • Banning refugees from several countries, acting on his campaign promise of a Muslim ban;
  • Donating to settlements in the West Bank;
  • Appointing Michael Flynn as national security advisor — the same Michael Flynn who stumped for Trump, & who declared Islam to be “a malignant cancer” and a root cause of terrorism, & who convinced Trump that the US is in a “world war” with Muslims;
  • Bombing Afghanistan with the MOAB, the largest conventional weapon ever used in combat;
  • Pulling out of the Paris Accord after calling global warming a “hoax” on the campaign trail; and
  • Implementing a no-fly zone in Syria:

It’s as if Trump’s impact on the world is irrelevant; the only things that matter in your piece are the failings of Trump’s political opponent from last year.

To be clear: I hope we can finally move on from the ’90s Democratic centrism which brought us mass incarceration, a deregulated financial sector & a gutted welfare system while enabling the Iraq War. I’m just bothered to see people making these strong claims while failing to back them up. In doing so, you are implicitly giving Donald Trump a free pass.

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