Postmortem: Every Frame a Painting
Tony Zhou

Hey Tony and Taylor,

I just wanted you to know, as a guy who never had anything to do with film making at any level, how much I enjoyed your channel. I know that all great things need to come to an end, but you built something which is very special, something that most aspiring youtubers never get: an audience. In fact, a very loyal audience, considering how much we were hoping for more content even over a year after your last video. However, I didn’t come to your channel for “Every Frame a Painting”, I came to engage with YOU, because your style is engaging and entertaining, and I always felt like I came away learning something new.

I hope that you can find someone other way to continue to engage with your audience, even if it’s not these dense, difficult to make videos. I’d read your blog. I’d go to your film school. Whatever it is, I’m sure it would be worth it to us! Because Every Frame a Painting inspired me to learn more about film, I hope you can continue to inspire people.


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