Ian Landsman
Jan 19, 2016 · 2 min read

For Job Seekers

Separation of Remote Opportunities

Previously, remote jobs were just listed as remote. We’ve now broken that out so that jobs can be Local, Remote (US), or Remote (Anywhere).

Easy Filtering

It’s now easy to filter open jobs by the locations listed above. Right on the home screen next to the search box you can filter down to Local, Remote (US), or Remote (Anywhere) jobs.

Posting Date

You can now see the posting date of a job on the job details page.

For Job Posters

New Unlimited Option

LaraJobs is the best way to fill your open technical positions, so we’re offering a new unlimited posting subscription. For $999/year (the price of just 4 featured job posts), you can post an unlimited number of jobs over the entire year!

Markdown Preview

The Job Description and How To Apply sections now have a preview option so you can get your job post looking perfect before publishing it.

PDF Receipts

Every time you post a job you’ll receive an included PDF receipt via email.


You can now provide your VAT ID to be included on your receipts!

More to come!

Big thanks to the entire team at UserScape for making this update happen, especially Eric Barnes and Chris Fidao for squeezing this work into our super busy schedule.

Ian Landsman

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Founder of HelpSpot. Bootstrapped since 2005.

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