5 simple UX principles to guide your product design

I like this post. There have been others who have written on UX on Medium where they seemed to forget the user as they become obsessed with their design brilliance. This post was great because it always focused on the user experience.

I took a look at the Invision web site. Perhaps the principles need to be applied there. I could not tell what exactly the site could do for me.

I would like to do better with my design, especially as it relates to responsive design (cross device design). I’d like to find a way to make UX less painful to implement. I can see that InVision provides prototyping, but how do I move that prototype to production?

Hosting on some other platform is a complete non-starter (nderground is a large scale web app hosted on AWS).

And finally, I use Linux, not Apple (I don’t know about InVision, but many tools are available only on Apple).

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