obvious responses
katie zhu

Since the days of USENET there have been flamers and trolls. The communities were small then and people sometimes ran into notorious flamers at social events. I recall someone commenting that a particularly obnoxious poster was not as bad in-real-life (an assertion that I was skeptical of).

One of the remarkable things about Medium, so far, is the lack of trolls, flamers, bigots and other Internet low life. People disagree, but generally stay away from that Internet specialty, the ad hominem attack. I have yet to see someone lose an argument via Godwin’s Law.

The surprising deficit of trolls and flamers makes Medium a more pleasant place. But I've been wondering how Medium has, so far, escaped the fate of every other Internet forum I’m familiar with. Perhaps it’s just the early days and worse is yet to come. Or perhaps there is censorship going on behind the scenes.

Any thoughts? Would anyone care to enlighten me? If Medium has arrived at a formula, it certainly would be worth emulating.

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