I pre-ordered my ticket of BVS and I was so excited for this film and was ranting like a lunatic driving my roommates insane. After walking out of the cinema tonight my initial thought was “eh”.

BVS was disappointing for anyone who loves Batman or Superman to say the least. Directed by Zack Snyder (Sucker Punch, Man of Steel) and produced by Christopher Nolan (Dark Knight Trilogy, Interstellar). The film failed to impact the audiences as much as the trailers did. In fact, all of the best parts of the movie were included in the trailers. The film was what a Zack Snyder film looks like but like Man of Steel (2013) just seemed okay.

My main problem with this film is its incoherence and to tell the truth I don’t think even Batman or Superman knew what was happening while the plot tried to thicken itself within the film. Jokes apart, the film was draggy and you didn’t see what you would expect to see in a superhero blockbuster. I’m sure the kids will love it, but what I think that a lot of people won’t like is what’s missing; which is the intricate story-weaving that we have seen in the dark knight trilogy. Story-wise, what they did was they were trying to bring all these characters into the film and trying to build up to the eventual Justice League film. I have a lot to say about this film but lets focus on some of the areas where this film excelled.

As far a cinematography goes, it was excellent. The casting was good, Ben Affleck was a very good choice for Batman, he captured the darkness of the character and he owned it. Based on his performance, Ben Affleck will most probably continue being Batman in any upcoming DC films. Henry Cavill portrayed Superman a whole lot better this time around. He stayed true to the character and stayed away from the whiny and needy character that he played in Man of Steel. I think even Batman fans might walk out of this film and think Superman is actually cool. The film is a good blockbuster film and if there wasn’t so much hype and promo as well as the constant push by Warner Bros. and DC to release this film in order to compete with Marvel; I think this film might have had the ability to be exceptional. There were certain fight sequences that were amazing and if you’re going to watch it in IMAX your mind will be blown and it truly is incredible. The film ends really well and those last 10 or 20 seconds before the credits really grabs your attention and you do want to know what’s happening and whether what you’re actually seeing is for real? As you can see I’m trying not to give too much away since it just released today.

The story was lazy and mind that this is the same writer who wrote the dark knight trilogy — David S. Goyer. The story was really incoherent and I was trying to imagine every possible scenario as well as the direction that Goyer intended the film to go in. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of Goyer from Blade to Nolan’s batman trilogy but this was just bad and lazy writing and I’m sure you’ll agree with me. The old saying is let the audience imagine 40% of the story and only produce 60%, but not like this. You need to give some sense of direction to the audience and even at the end my reaction was “Meh”. The editing had a lot of problems, Zack Snyder did confess to a lot of footage being cut and it is understandable why the film is cut that way. For people who don’t know this, every other scene in the film looks like the end of a sci-fi tv show like Lost or Heroes and it just doesn’t seem right.

A lot of you might be wondering about the music. Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL were composers on this film. I love Hans Zimmer’s work, I think he is one of the best composers in any film industry. That being said, he has done the Nolan trilogy and has explored that avenue and he was the composer of Man of Steel as well, rebooting Batman needs innovation and it needed audiences to get excited and be moved in the scenes present in the film and it didn’t happen. There was music that made me feel that they added 30 second tracks from a world music radio station. I think Michael Giacchino would have been a much smarter choice who has had one hell of a career in the past 6–7 years alone. I still think Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL will move audiences and make them immersed in many films but they did not accomplish it this time around for this highly-anticipated film.

Let’s keep it real, this film is a blockbuster despite the problems that the film had. Just by carrying the tag of batman versus superman, it will do well in the box office and nobody is going to read a review and not go watch it. Its a blockbuster and it has a good amount of action in it and if you’re not particularly a fan of the film franchise or the comic books, you’ll probably enjoy it as much as you would any other moderately successful blockbuster. If you’re into the comic books or even to a lesser extent — the films, you will be disappointed, you’ll like it but you won’t love it. This film was very special to Zack Snyder and I think if he had his way he would have taken his own time to make the film to perfection. I honestly believe that Warner Bros. and DC pushed and pressured the production of this film into an early release date and that’s why there were many problems in this film. I say this because of Zack Snyder, Christopher Nolan, Hans Zimmer, Larry Fong and David S. Goyer. These aren’t small names, these are monumentally huge names. These are the names you bring in when you want your film to break the bank and be exceptionally good, with these guys almost everything they touch is gold.

I hope you did like this review and I hope you do go out and watch this film if you had planned to. Just don’t expect this film to reach your expectations. As a Batman-Superman films it fails to reach its intended mark but as a action film its good but not great.

My rating — 2.0/5.0

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