The US Election: A Global Perspective

First question I get asked when I start talking enthusiastically about the 2016 US elections is ‘Why do you care? You’re not an American?’ True. Although I think most countries would be impacted by any major decisions the United States makes. Why shouldn’t I care, this race has got a Fascist, a Maniac, a Flip-Flopper and an Old white man who is the most liberal man in that country.

This election is especially interesting because of the outsiders running in this particular race to the white house. Now in its currency, there are two outsiders Bernie Sanders (D) and Donald Trump (R). The other candidates are very pro-establishment candidates — Hillary Clinton (D) and Ted Cruz (R). Here’s the kicker, these two candidates who are pro-establishment and try to excessively please the American people especially in the case of Clinton aren’t getting a favourable rating as much as Bernie Sanders is currently getting and Donald Trump used to get.

When Donald the Trump first entered the race it was a joke but now its time to get serious. Let’s face facts, Donald Trump is a xenophobe and a fascist, its not news to anybody and if it is you’re probably just taking in whatever mainstream media is telling you without making your own judgement. People are voting for him and he is winning. He is scapegoating most of the countries problems on the Muslims and Mexicans. Who’s next? Us? The Indians? God help the world if he gets elected to the presidency. Bernie Sanders, on the other hand is a very practical and has reasonable policy positions such as free public college, tax on wall street, raise on the minimum wage and a few others. His campaign is basically centred on helping the middle class which is admirable but the mainstream media which is covered almost all over the world will tell you that he’s weak and Clinton will win the nomination from the Democratic party which is a highly probable given the latest Quinnipiac and CNN polls.

I cannot even begin to tell you how much Hillary Clinton upsets me. She flip flops all over the place, whether its on gay marriage, TPP or the on-going government foreign policy. She has been pushed to the left because of Sanders, she is very centred in her views but also has been known to change her views in terms of popular opinion. Let’s get to the maniac now, Ted Cruz, he is pro-gun, pro violence and really seems to be pro everything that endangers humans lives. If you’ve watched any of the recent debates between Trump and Cruz you’ll know that both of them are children who dislike each other.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to talk to a lot of nationalities here in Dubai even though I’m here for a short while. When I talk to them about the US elections, the first thing they say is that they love Bernie Sanders and they can’t stand the rest of the candidates. This should mean that Bernie has it in the bag right? Nope. The mainstream media like in most countries give you a fraction of the actual news and often try to promote a candidate that would suit them instead of the entire country.

This race is far from over but these next few months are going to be intense. Hold on, because its going to be a bumpy ride.

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