The coffee served on day 0 of boot camp I fear was a hint that we may have overlooked. I haven’t gotten much sleep over the last few days and may not get much for a few more to come. I ride the coffee high out as day 2 approaches an end. I have reduced my errors from syntax issues to pure logical ones. I get my first 10 from pylint and I am over the moon, I’ve come a long way from the -4 score but still have a lot to learn.

The tasks that lie ahead are still quite challenging in spite of all we have learnt so far. Seems each day is designed to push you further and further, help you build on what you already know while simultaneously pushing you to expand your knowledge. Day 3 tasks are quite daunting, particularly front end and I really need to gear up if I hope to make it through this one. So many ideas , but which one is feasible, which one can I actually implement successfully within the stipulated timeline.

Most tests before this have had a clear scope, the requirements have been clearly defined and you could tell when you are done. Fortunately, we have extra time to deal with this one. Binary search not only tests how well you can replicate an algorithm but also inheritance. I struggle for a few hours with adding a function to a child class and calling the function recursively but I can’t quite get it to work. With the dead line fast approaching, I move on to an iterative approach and get it done.

The question however lingers in my head, why can’t I call the function recursively? Why does a call to self not refer to methods within both the parent list and the newly defined search function in the child class? I have a new obsession and I shall either get it to work or at least understand why it cannot in the event that it is impossible.

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