Day 4: Andela boot camp

Almost Completing week 1 of the boot camp and can I say one really has to put in a lot of time and effort to be good at something especially programming. I have never been a Computer Science major student so usually thought coding was easy because of the rapid growing interest in this field but it needs a lot of work, if not more, like any other profession.

I am weak in algorithms but its an area I will really work on since its application are creates efficient programs which work faster, consume less space or both. I am one of those people who recommend everyone to study a bit of programming to appreciate the work that goes in to control our everyday devices without us applying a lot of effort as we use them.

Andela challenges one to go past beyond your comfort zone as this shapes one to face other life situations as well. Nothing good comes easily even winning a lottery is way less possible and this few days have been about pushing the limit. Today I did my first algorithm exercise using Binary Search and its was a bit intimidating especially for a noob but after a while you begin seeing the pattern and suddenly everything becomes exciting.