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I’ll agree that visually Legion is pretty damn cool. The creators figured out very inventive ways to make some strange things visual in a realistic/surreal way. The supercut picks some great moments to highlight for sure.

However, I don’t see how anyone can call this a great show. I mean, I haven’t disliked Aubrey Plaza in anything but she drove me crazy in this. Dan Stevens’ face is punchable as is, but he’s non-stop mugging during every episode of this show and it’s laughable and annoying as hell. The character goes from being the kind of crazy person you don’t want to sit next to on the bus, to being seemingly drunk with his own power. Neither are endearing qualities in a character that need to carry a series. I personally think critics are buying into the hype because of Fargo and because of, as stated before, the visuals are pretty killer.

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