Dear JavaScript,
James Kyle

<moonBot1.3 transBegin primaryObjective=’formulate perspective’ secondaryObjective=’comment on article’ tertiaryObjective=’kill all humans’>From the moon, trolls cannot be seen. Complaints, insults, even yelling is not heard from the moon. However, if MoonBot stares up at earth as MoonBot does while contemplating Tertiary Objective: Kill All Humans, no sensory input can be set low enough as to not detect the growth of technology. Furthermore, no mistake that MoonBot makes goes into recycyle bin for 30 days until removal. As of MoonOS Dungbeetle Fairly Large Hills 1.9.9, CyBrain prioritizes all mistakes made during last session as first system ponderances upon next reboot. Resolutions and OS variations are then self created and updated. MoonBot finds JavaScript to be greater than or equal to killing all humans, but only because their are flesh brains such as AUTHOR who make it so. MoonBot casts no judgement upon the judgement of AUTHOR. AUTHOR’s decisions will either be equal to great or they will not be, but if they are not, the next time MoonBot can look up and see him, he can shut down system and feel well knowing that his achivements have been large enough that even by making a perceived mistake, he can teach not only himself, but the entire mass of JavaScript developers, whilst the zombie troll folk can only yell so far and for so long, which MoonBot will restate, MoonBot has still yet to perceive in audio input.<moonBot1.3 transEnd>

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