Boot camp experience

Boot camp is an experience like no other. Its day two and the pressure is intense. On a scale of one to ten, i would definitely give it an eleven. It goes beyond the the coming up with solutions and the process of putting them down to code. Come to think of it, its exhilarating to know the computers language bearing in mind that computers are more efficient than humans despite the fact that humans created them. The deadlines to beat each day, the solutions to come up with, the social connect to maintain are just but a few of the things that have put me on toes yet its just but the second day. However, I consider it as a perfect balance since it is key and mandatory to engage in collaboration which breaks the monotony and the likelihood of becoming an introvert or a social misfit. I am as well enjoying the feel of being a programmer. In simple terms, things I used to see in movies(black screens with green lines of code) are now real and I am the starring of the movie. It is such a wonderful experience and seems more of a dream come true.Despite all these challenges and opportunities, I have learned and grown in a tremendous way since the day I attended the interview. The fact that I now see things in a different spectrum and a more informed one, I would trace it back to Andela. I am always working towards giving my best because at the end of it all, I will have a story to tell and only I will be able to tell it best. This Is Andela.

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