Day 3

If it was possible for one to become a computer because of learning so much of the computer language and surrounding himself with computers, then I am on the verge of becoming one by association. It is hard to point out how I forgot I had messages to reply in my Whatsapp because of a few codes that I had to brainstorm on. Day two’s night can be well marked by bug-nightmares in codes that I even did not have a clear view of (dreams are always blur). My situation at the moment would best give the phrase “on my toes” the best meaning. Going to bed at 3 am and I am up by 7 am, I guess the last time I did such was back at high school and it was objectively for the final exams and not a small piece of code that won’t run, a loop that will not end or even an error that is hard to trace. It is just today that I thought, if anyone in the future tells me that they is a developer, I would probably take off my cap to say hi to them. Being a programmer is not anything that can be grasped by a person who has never come into contact with errors in codes or even has never seen a source code. Day 3 starts with a lot of tension. Having taken a sneak peak at the tasks yester night, I went to sleep brainstorming on a solution and hoping that in the morning I would have one. So unfortunate, in the morning I wake up with nothing in mind. It is like I expected God to reveal it to me in a dream. The Andela labs were a walk in the park which gave me a false sense of non-pressure. Only to come one on one with the real deal, the http and web task. Having no idea of what the question expected of me, I had to source tutorials from you tube and even read various articles shared in our slack team group just to get an idea. At the end of it all, I came with something but with no surety of doing the right thing. On asking from fellow team members, the feeling was mutual. However, despite all these I am glad to be part of the boot camp as I am learning more than I could ever list down. Always striving to give my best no matter what. This Is Andela.