Most previous challenging experience

It all dates back to a year ago. I had recently completed my high school studies and was eager to develop mobile applications, computer soft wares and also hack into networks and computers. The unfortunate part was that I understood less of what the term hacking really meant. In addition to that, with no laptop, no books, I even did not know where to start. However, I had access to my cousin laptop and some web templates that he had downloaded for me to learn hypertext markup language and custodian sty. With some basics of hypertext markup language acquired from form three in my high school studies, I was able to play with the codes. The most challenging part about this learning experience is that my knowledge was limited to the number of web templates I could access. To learn, I would delete some codes and see what gets lost. This was challenging as I really did not understand some of the codes and what they really did as I was simply cramming. However, later on I got access to some video tutorials that enabled me learn html and even without any certifications from a recognized institution, I managed to develop a website for a company in Nairobi.

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