HSBC is killing my business, piece by piece — How to plan for your bank screwing up
Richard Davey

I had three years with HSBC based on my business partner’s decisions. It was the worst decision I have ever taken in business. HSBC, the bank that professes to be the International Bank was absolute awful in dealing with International Payments and Receipts, requiring that payments ONLY occur during banking hours, even Internet based ones. They would reject payments in Euros to any account that was a Sterling based account (despite my inability to know if it was or not). They also COULD NOT provide a EURO account until I visited a branch. They also did not provide any ‘account manager’ support whatsoever in all that time. I moved to a different bank that had much better support, to the extent that they moved my account over to them quicker than it took HSBC to deal with a failed payment.

I cannot recommend ANYONE to use HSBC. I know other people who think the same.

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