Andela BootCamp Experience

This method of learning I’ll admit is a little foreign to me. The Bootcamp experience started us of by throwing us in the deep-end of using tools like GitHub and tracking our personal progress with scorecards.

I’m currently at home plowing through my home study materials for day one and wondering at how learning from home requires much greater willpower than learning around colleagues.

Sir. Google is ever-present as my advisor, unluckily, there are many distractions that you must guard against as you ask him for assistance.(Cat videos zishindwe). On a serious note, the bootcamp is way more intense than the Home Study Curriculum and requires you to plan your day out and manage your tasks well.

I ran into a snag on my time management and as I speak with you now on this post several assignments are pending. Going forward, I shall have to be much stricter with my timetable and ruthless in pushing myself to complete the tasks at hand.

On a brighter note, I learned how to construct classes with conditional statements today which is a giant leap forward in my OOP logic as I struggle free from the fixation on procedural programming.