Happiness is a beautiful phenomena that is relative to existing circumstances. It exists purely within the moment, so much so that it cannot be defined. Our sole reason for existing involves this existential search for purpose and fulfilment. To feel happy. To be happy. But as with time, our quest for such never truly reaches end game or a level of satisfaction.

So often dreams of happiness are realised but such as human nature, that moment passes with our definition of happiness subsequently altering. Sometimes the transition from one dream to another is so fast that we don’t realise that we’ve achieved the first dream and so experience any kind of ecstasy. Nor do we enjoy the sense of fulfilment that should accompany it. We want more. We do not enjoy the moment. Do we experience happiness? Or are we fanatical about the thought of happiness?

We make it life’s quest, to be happy. To find happiness in a world, to some, devoid of reason and purpose. But, I think we must find ways to also learn to enjoy momentary happiness otherwise what is the point?

“The nicest thing about feeling happy is that you think you’ll never feel unhappy again” — Manuel Puig.

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