FAQ — Getting Ready to GO with Team Zumba!!

Ian Parker
3 min readJun 18, 2019
Your Local Team Zumba Instructor.. Eion Parker

Who is ZUMBA for?

Zumba has been designed for everyone to participate!

What if I’ve never danced before?

The idea is to just keep moving — theres NO pressure to ‘get it right’ — its more about having fun and being part of the party!

How do I get IN?

Fairlights primary school has an entrance on PEVENSEY ROAD – the door is marked EMAS and you will see on the buzzer a small marker indicating which button activates the intercom! On answering – pull the right hand door and come upstairs to the top floor! It’s a good warm up for your legs so take it easy!! :)

What can I expect?

Zumba is a kind of Latin Line-dancing. You simply follow the moves of the instructor.

Do I get ‘taught’ the moves?

Unlike traditional dance classes, ZUMBA classes jump straight in with a simple warm up. You just mirror the instructor who will guide you as you go.

Sounds Tricky! How do they ‘Guide you’?

Most instructors will use simple hand gestures to show you directions and movements which are easy to understand! Vocal commands are also common along with lots of encouraging feedback!

What should I wear?

Loose clothing is a must so you can move freely — and it gets HOT so the lighter the outfit the better!

Any other essentials?

Water! As you get moving you’ll need to keep hydrated! Also a towel is a good idea to dry off in-between numbers!

What facilities do the venues have?

All the venues have toilets! (good news! haha!). Most people tend to come along ‘ready to go’ but there are toilets at Fairlight that can be used as places to change. Fairlight doesn’t have vending machines for water so make sure you bring some with you!

How do I pay for the class?

You can pay direct via cash or card (card payment include a small fee to cover transaction cost). Throughout the year I offer a bundle offer which gives a group of lessons at a discount. I plug these when they are on on Facebook and in class so easy to be kept in the loop when they are on!

I have an injury, who should I tell?

The instructor will ask you discretely before the class if you have any injuries he needs to be aware of. If needed, He will advise you to adapt certain parts/moves so you can still enjoy the class safely. If at any point you need to stop during the class — just take a seat at the side and take time to recuperate. The instructor has been trained in first aid.

How will I feel after the class?

Initially you’ll feel ENERGISED! Its a BRILLIANT MOOD enhancer! The music will LIFT UP your DAY! Its the reason people return time and time again to the class!

After the class you may feel a bit of muscle soreness, however the class works the whole body and YOU are in control of how much effort you put in. Unlike a gym workout, where muscles may be isolated and focused on, Zumba switches constantly giving time for muscles to recuperate!

How do I keep informed?

The best way to keep informed is via Facebook or by giving me your email when you come along (or provide on website) – this is useful should a class be cancelled last minute or if you’d like to hear about offers or exciting news from team zumba!

if you have any more questions please feel free to email team zumba direct at..




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