Karl Schroeder, Author, Futurist is speaking @IoTWaterloo May 3rd.

Ian Pilon
Ian Pilon
Apr 11, 2018 · 2 min read

Karl Schroeder is an award-winning Canadian science fiction writer and futurist. Karl is now collaborating with Stephan Tual and Atlas Neue on the Deodands project, an initiative to use blockchain, remote sensing and IoT technologies to give self-ownership to Earth’s natural systems.

Karl will present his theory on creating artificial intelligences that are rational actors and will pose the decisive question about what they can do, and importantly — what they think they are. Karl will argue that identity is not a choice, but a hardwired trait. If this is true of AI, then part of the deep design of an AI’s preconscious should be the assignment of what it thinks it is. There is no reason why consciousness should identify itself with the substrate that gives rise to it; deodands are a notional class of AIs that identify themselves with and as natural systems. How this is possible, what it means, and how we can start to build deodands now will be the subject of the talk.

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Join IoT Waterloo and local thought leaders as they discuss Emerging Business Models in Blockchain and IoT.

Special thank you to the Lazaridis School of Business & Economics for sponsoring the event and hosting in their beautiful new facility at Lazaridis Hall, 64 University Avenue West, Waterloo.

Looking forward to meeting new members at the event! cheers, Ian

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