Dream: Marques is my News Source

As we know from a few of my previous dreams, the “celebrities” I follow aren’t exactly mainstream. This dream continues the trend.

At the beginning of the dream I was watching a video by Marques Brownlee about a road trip that he was going on for Ultimate, apparently in the Twin Cities. One of the scenes in the video was in front of a restaurant; I saw my parents in his video coming out of the restaurant as he was going in. I asked my parents if they remembered that happening, and how long ago it was. Their answer wasn’t very helpful.

Next in the video he talked about how bad he feels for the people on “the ferry” but I had no idea what he was talking about. I asked my parents about it and they told me that there was a ferry going across the Mississippi that got stuck for some reason. A bunch of people were stranded, and apparently someone had died. I felt really bad that I hadn’t heard the news until a YouTuber mentioned it.

I went down to the river bank just in time for the rescue ferries to come in. A bunch of people disembarked, including Liv, Katie, and Amber (I think they represent all of my Morris friends who I haven’t seen since the end of the semester). I hugged them fiercely and asked them how long they had been stuck on the boat. “Since Thursday” they replied, which meant that they had been there for a few days because it was a Sunday in the dream. Then they walked off like they had somewhere important to be.

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Originally published at ianrbuck.blogspot.com on June 3, 2014.

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