Cantos Invests in Dharma: A second chance at disrupting credit

I joined SoFi in early 2012 because I wanted to help fix the broken credit markets. While we built a huge business we ended up largely following the status quo. Our technology wasn’t a step-change, so it didn’t give us enough leverage to truly change anything. We were too early, mid-cycle.

Now we have a powerful new technology that can create that step-change, the leverage we need to bring transparency and accountability to credit markets. You guessed it… blockchain. While ICO madness emulates equity raises, a small group of insightful, patient builders is working toward tokenization of a vastly larger portion of capital markets.

Today one of those projects comes out of the shadows, one we’ve been fortunate enough to partner with. With Cantos Ventures’ investment in Dharma I get to continue the spirit that originally brought me to San Francisco, this time with a much more powerful tool. This time we have a shot at truly disrupting credit.

Join me in following this journey.