• Justin Fitzpatrick β€” DueDil

    Justin Fitzpatrick β€” DueDil

    Justin Fitzpatrick is the CEO and Co-founder of DueDil, a company intelligence platform that provides real-time insights on millions of SMEs.

  • Humberto Flores

    Humberto Flores

  • Cantos Ventures

    Cantos Ventures

    A venture firm built for concept-stage startups building the near frontier.

  • Leslie Labruto

    Leslie Labruto

    Global Energy Lead at Acumen. Learn more at www.acumenideas.com.

  • Leslie Labruto

    Leslie Labruto

  • Mike Gorey

    Mike Gorey

    Building self proliferating easy to use products that empower the entire connected world.

  • David Dat Nguyen

    David Dat Nguyen

    Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer at Sonix. Pro photographer, emoji enthusiast, part-time pyrotechnician, fitness fanatic, alliteration aficionado.

  • Dan Macklin

    Dan Macklin

    Co-founder, @SoFi. Reformed banker on a mission. Personal finance pundit. Husband, dad & football/soccer enthusiast. Brit expat, @StanfordBiz alum.

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