Why founders are musicians with different instruments and how coming from Nashville gave me an edge in VC

(PREFACE: It’s been a while, friends, but another friend told me to write more and I said I would and I’m a man of my word so here we are. I’m a rusty and writing these in drafts from my phone while on the go so I beg your patience…

I’m angry. I’m confused. Yesterday I hardly got any work done in my glassy-eyed stupor. I see now that I had been sleeping. Now I’ve been shaken awake. I’m awake.

“It’s 2016,” we said, as if we’d bent space-time to finally arrive in the future. This is 2016. The future…

Great firms pass on two deals with solid fundamentals because they had a gut feeling about the founders.

Two companies I loved. I got their mission and their products. They’d already demonstrated incredible traction with little marketing spend. They showed intense knowledge of their markets and reasonable defensibility.

Both went to partner meetings, but in the end the very partners who brought the deal in pulled the plug…

A much-admired, huge round-raising entrepreneur admits he often feels insane.

He begins to doubt himself. Then he remembers that he’s an entrepreneur.

I was reviewing mock-ups of our new product the other day and thought to myself, “Have we lost our marbles? People will think this is crazy.” I almost ended development. Then it occurred to me, as an entrepreneur, if you don’t feel a little bit crazy most of the time, you’re doing something wrong. People will think our new product’s absolutely insane… or they’ll absolutely love it.*

*Quotations are my recollections.


Views best described as cosmopolitan-to-extropian. Professional fanboy of world-positive tech @ Cantos Ventures 🛰🧬💹

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