Four ‘M’s To Help Us Succeed

Here are 4 ‘M’s that help us succeed:


It is important be clear of your moral compass — to decide on the limits of conscience, how far you are willing to go, how much you are willing to compromise. If you consistently compromise your conscience eventually you will lose a sense of direction and who you are.


Be clear on your methods. Have a clear idea of your road map to get the goal. A simple formula that can help is; first define the goal, then build the plan, then design your process. It helps us to be realistic of timescales, understand the resources and stay with it when things get tough.


What do you need to get to the end. What are the financial implications, what are the people resources needed. It is also good to look at what kind of emotional and time commitment it will take so you can adequately plan.


Learn how to management yourself. This includes being as self-aware as possible. Aware of your strengths as well as your weaknesses, knowing your limits and the rhythm of life that best suits you.

Learn to manage the idea! Recognise when the idea needs developing, delivering or dumping.

Learn to manage your workload. Remember that although there maybe times you need to ‘pull a late nighter’ that not many people have said on their death beds ‘I wish I had spent more time at work!