Japan 2017: Things to do in/near Tokyo

Ian Sagabaen
Feb 14, 2018 · 8 min read

Go-karting on public streets

This is how my bro & his wife feel about the experience.

Themed cafes

Was walking around Akihabara & some chick in a really frilly dress on the street asked if I wanted to sit down for a cup of tea. She was really friendly & my instincts told me to say yes to this stranger. After singing songs with her staff & drinking this really pink mocktail, she made me this souvenir for my patronage. Glare intentionally placed to cover up my excessively kawaii pose.
Toasting to life with our mocktails & overly sweet drinks.

Car racing in mountain passes

Angelo as my co-pilot. The bonus was having our tour guide bring us to Fuji Speedway! Biggest tease was not being able to take this sweet ride on the Fuji Speedway track itself.
Group photo of all the cars in our tour at the famous Fuji Speedway. My car is the beauty on the far left.
If you’re curious what the inside of a Skyline looks like, it has the hallmarks of a car made in the 90s, except the center dashboard has boost meters. No Bluetooth connections, though. What gives?

Visit the massive 1:1 scale of a Gundam

Yes, Gundams aren’t real. If they were real, it would be built at this scale.


Jeans Mate in the middle of Harajuku.
A shopping bag from Loft. Note the Loft-branded piece of tape that holds the foam together.

Visit the Shibuya Crossing

Explore side streets

Ian Sagabaen

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User experience designer for major Bay Area tech companies. Greatest sign maker of the MLB. First name rhymes with ‘lion’.

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