Mar 7, 2021

Add this to another COVID hobby I wanted to try — bonsai. YouTube recommendations are a funny thing. You go down that rabbit hole watching DIY videos, & suddenly you’re watching 30-minute videos of a professional bonsai master in the UK whipping up these mini tree masterpieces.

So today, I made a visit to a local garden nursery, found a small plant that would look great as a mini tree, a cheap plastic pot, took some thin wire to alter the shape of the tree, & came out with this. Historically, I’ve been pretty bad about keeping plants alive, so crossing my fingers this one grows old.

Jan 18, 2021

Warm January day allowed us to do a curbside gift delivery to my dad on his birthday. I practiced my ukulele for many months just to play Happy Birthday with my girls singing along, but the sound of the road noise drowned it all out. But my dad still appreciated the effort!

Thanks Acelyne for the video from your bedroom window!

Oct 13, 2020

I’ve had my longboard for a few months now for neighborhood cruises, but all it did was make me yearn for my youthful skateboarding days. Made a new friend through my daughter’s school who’s around the same age as me & still actively skateboards, which inspired me to buy my own setup!

I Googled local skate shops to support during these hard COVID times, came across Society in San Carlos. Walked in, asked if they had a complete deck, picked up this Enjoi beauty because it was the cheapest.

I hardly know any skateboard tricks, & I’m…

Jan 15, 2021

No outdoor dining for our family, doing exclusively take-out dining from our local restaurants. I’ve learned from my past mistakes of spilling food by resting the bags on the floor & driving aggressively, so now I bought these nifty hooks on Amazon to hang my food to prevent that spillage problem.

Or maybe instead I should stop driving aggressively?

Feb 14, 2021

Our county is still in the purple tier in terms of lockdown, so we’re still resorting to micro excursions in our little neighborhood. After lunch, we poked around on our map & found that Stanford has two sculpture gardens, this one created by artisans from Papua New Guinea. It’s in a super peaceful grove right next to a Stanford dorm. Little daughter next to a sculpture for scale.

Jan 26, 2021

Always trying to find new ways to get a home workout. My girls are in the early stages of learning how to play catch with me (they have good throwing form!), which gave me an opportunity to dust off my old rubber ball & baseball glove. In between having a catch with my girls, they often take bike breaks in between, which then I play catch on my own against the concrete wall.

I’m no spring chicken, so I need to make sure that I don’t over-rotate my back lest I pull a back muscle.

Jan 22, 2021

My new Friday routine of masking up & going to Philz for my Friday morning chai. Days before this, the Bay was enjoying warm weather, but we needed the rain. Slight drizzle this morning made this very pretty rainbow that apparently ends at the Caltrain station.

If you’re looking for a really special dinner with awesome service with the best Japanese food along & exclusivity, look no further than San Mateo’s Wakuriya. It’s a Japanese multi-course kaiseki restaurant utilizing quality ingredients flown in from all over the world, with a space that only fits five tables along with bar seating.

To top it off, it’s a Michelin-rated restaurant.

However, there’s a catch to getting the chance to eat at this place…

Booking a reservation

You can’t book a table online. They’ll only take phone reservations, but with a catch. When you call the restaurant, you have to request the…

The first leg of our vacation brought us to Tokyo. Believe me when I say that even if you spend two weeks in just Tokyo, you’ll still feel that it’s not enough time to do & see everything the city has to offer. Tokyo is huge. But if you want some strong recommendations on things to do, here are some things we did during our seven days there.

Go-karting on public streets

One activity that’s going viral on social media is go-karting through Tokyo streets, specifically through this company called Maricar. This was first on our Japan adventure agenda.

Before booking, know that…

There’s always something new to experience every time I visit Japan. This time, I tagged along with my bro & a few friends as the fifth wheel. It’s cool to experience the country through the lens of first-timers, so this time around I noted some tips to help others who are considering a Japan trip.

During my visit a few months ago, I live-blogged my experiences though my Instagram account.

A wall in the airport right when we first arrived in Japan. We stayed here for about 30 minutes taking pictures with this wall, after which I reminded the gang that there’s still much more of Japan to see. I appreciate their enthusiasm.

I’ve broken down my thoughts into sections, each with their own blogposts:

Ian Sagabaen

User experience designer for major Bay Area tech companies. Greatest sign maker of the MLB. First name rhymes with ‘lion’.

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