Five ways to fire up your business and work life: my 60 second, 5 point manifesto.

Sep 13, 2015 · 2 min read

It’s easy to become lost in our work lives, to lose sight of where we are headed and why we chose the path we’re on. When we forget what we stand for, when we neglect our story and values… that’s where it can all go wrong.

Whether you’re a freelancer, a business founder, or an executive in an organisation here’s my 60 second, five-point manifesto to keep you fired up:

  1. Know what makes you tick. Celebrate it!
  2. Stand Out. Stand for something. Have an opinion, shout about what you believe in.
  3. Capture what you stand for. Your beliefs and values are your touchstone. Write them down to remind you — and everyone else — why you’re here.
  4. Be brave with your real story. Don’t hide the bad stuff. It’s the interplay of shadow and light that makes you unique.
  5. Follow YOU. Know what makes you tick and treasure it. This precious insight can guide you towards the right decisions for you.

Get this manifesto in a limited edition poster (designed by Lizzie Everard) to hang on your office or work-space wall!

Ian Sanders is a creative consultant & storyteller who has a fresh take on the world of business and work. He helps businesses uncover and tell their stories, and fires people up about their own work lives, reigniting their passion and helping them rediscover their purpose.


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On a mission to shake up the world of work. Creative consultant, storyteller, author, coach. Fuelled by coffee, curiosity, walking ☕️.

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