Walking around, fuelled by good coffee and curiosity.

I think there’s something quite rare about walking around an unfamiliar city, with no idea what’s on the next block, no idea what lies ahead.

We might walk around a new city on holiday, but we probably don’t do it in our day to day work lives.

That sense of exploration and discovery — and of finding the new — really fuels me.

This morning in Liverpool I had a couple of hours to kill before starting a workshop. It’s at least twenty years since I was here last. The sun was shining, I walked without looking at a map, just following my nose. Bold Street. Hope Street. Walking slowly, noticing the world around me.

Later I sought out 92 Degrees coffee shop, which took me along streets I’d never walked before. I love coffee, I love good coffee. And my search for quality coffee often takes me off the beaten track, like it did this morning.

When I sat down at 92 Degrees, it wasn’t only the Americano I enjoyed. The ideas flowed, my productivity and creativity was boosted. All because I was in a brand-new environment.

My senses were awakened, I got things done. Fuelled by being curious.

I’m a creative consultant, storyteller and coach who helps organisations, teams and individuals get fired-up at work. iansanders.com