Getting answers by walking around.

One of the joys of working for myself is the freedom to choose where I work.

When I’m looking for a solution on a project or perhaps I just need some inspiration — I head outdoors. Walking is my preferred mode of transport. Whenever possible, I like to take the slow route between meetings rather than jump on the tube.

I find this habit always delivers results. By the time I arrive at my destination, I’ve got that clarity I was looking for.

I’m not alone. I know plenty of people who like to take their ideas for a walk. Writing in The New Yorker, Ferris Jabr says,

“The way we move our bodies further changes the nature of our thoughts, and vice versa.”

Ferris summarises the experiments of two Stanford walking researchers, Marily Oppezzo and her mentor Daniel Schwartz, who found that almost two hundred students tested showed markedly heightened creative abilities while walking.

So I’m on a mission to get more executives away from their desks. And as someone who’s become a go-to outsider for business owners and freelancers over the years, I also understand the importance of an objective sounding board. That’s why I developed my one-to-one ‘walk and talk’ sessions for entrepreneurs, execs and creatives — to get them away from their offices for a dose of fresh air.

My approach suits a wide range of people. I took Alastair for a walk along the Thames to help him plan a big creative project; Lizzie and I strolled through Soho to help her reflect on her achievements and figure out where to head next. Helen and I went on a lunchtime walk along the canal to help her transition to a new role.

Whether you’re looking for a different take on a project, your career feels stale or your business just need a breath of fresh air, why not give it a try? My London sessions are available as a one hour version and three hour version (prices start at £250 + VAT). Email and I’ll tell you all about it.

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